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Care-Group Lesson for week of 23-29the Jnuary 2011

 Outline for Wednesday Night Care-Group/s (for week of 23-29th January 2011)

 1.                 Text: John 8: 31-33
2.                 Topic: Discipleship
3.                 Firstly: Believe
4.                 Secondly: Study (Cross-Reference 2nd Timothy 2:15)
5.                 Thirdly: Know the Truth (John 13:17)
6.                 Fourthly: Do it: Live What You Learn.
(Discuss living what we are learning:
Could include being baptized, continuing in apostles’ teaching, breaking bread and prayer)
7.                 Someone who learns is knowledgeable.
8.                 Someone who lives what he learns is wise.
9.                 God wants you to be wise.
10.            Fifthly lead by example so others may follow
(I Peter 5:3, 1 Corinthians 11:1)
Now look at verses 33 and 37 were these believing Jews really disciples?
In closing discuss ways in which we can follow Jesus more closely this coming week!
Closing prayers
Leadership Lessons:
DCC care-group Leadership notes
 (DCC care-groups are based on teaching from Sunday’s lesson)
7. How to review the teaching from Sunday message:
7.1          Encourage members to take notes on each Sunday’s sermon.
7.2          Go through the following steps for preparation.
What was the main verse? (verses/ passage)
What was the main point/s?
What spoke to me personally?
(Before you share, ask all others in the circle)
How can we appropriate what God is showing us as a church to our daily lives?
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