Dalian City (International Christian) Church 大连城市教会

大连教会 Vision and Philosophy of Ministry

大连城市教会 异象和教义


Vision and Philosophy of Ministry


Mission 宣教


1.  Every Christian should obey the Great Commission        每一个基督徒应该服从大使命

2. Every Christian is responsible to bring God's love to each nation       每一个基督徒都有任务把上帝的爱带给每一个民族

3.  The church must have a part in planting other churches       教会必须参与值堂事

Church Dynamics    教会的


4. The church should build covenantal relationships                           教会应该建立盟约关系
5. The church is the centre of God's plan for humanity             
6. The Bible emphasizes the local church                                  
7. There must be unity in the local church                                   
8. The church must be in unity with the universal body             
9. The church must work as a team                                              
10. The church is both an organism and an organization         
11. The church must rely on God for support                               
12. The church must give relevance to spiritual gifts                 
13. The church must build church-based Bible schools          


 Church Leaders   教会领袖


 14. Full time ministers must serve God fully first                                  全职工人必须全时间服侍上帝
15. Church leaders are not appointed by men but God              
16. The pastor is the chief overseer of the church                        
17. Authority is given as a blessing                                                  
18. The church must emphasize on leadership development    


Christian Life    基督徒生活



19. Every Christian must follow God's will                        每一位基督徒必须跟随上帝的旨意
20. Every Christian should serve God fully                       每一位基督徒应该全然服侍上帝
21. Every Christian needs to receive spiritual covering      每一位基督徒需有属灵的遮盖
22. The church is a salt and light to the nation                 教会是世界的盐和光
23. The church is a place of security                               教会是一个安全区



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